About Me

I have always loved to write and have thrived in jobs where writing is a major focus. My background is in government law and policy, but I’ve missed the outlet of writing creatively. Last spring, I was struggling with rest-of-my-life issues along with the pain and confusion of a sick parent. Could I keep spending my waking hours working a job that didn’t fulfill me? Was this all there was for me? Could there be a way that I could do what I love and make a living at it? When my time comes, will I regret what I spent my life doing?

One day, I was rewatching Cameron Crowe’s movie Pearl Jam Twenty, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of my beloved Seattle band. Back in the day, those guys had doubts on whether to continue pursuing their dream, but they kept at it. They took a risk, and it completely paid off. Today, they could be just hanging on a beach somewhere, but they aren’t. They take their craft seriously and work at it every day. It finally clicked for me. I never even tried to make my dream come true, and if you never try, you never succeed.

In May, I took the plunge. I quit my job and decided to write a novel and spend more time with my family. I had been planning for months to travel with my best friend to Amsterdam to see Pearl Jam in mid-June. I gave myself until then to determine if I would actually write the book, and if I didn’t, I’d come back and start exploring new jobs. I would have considered the experiment a success if I’d written a couple of solid chapters by then. I ended up finishing the first draft of the entire book the week before I left. I’ve never been happier or more inspired in my vocation. The words flowed from me so naturally, I felt like this is what I was put on this Earth to do.

I’ve finally finished working on edits and am just starting to try to get the first book of my planned trilogy, The Achievers, published. My blog is about my experiences in writing the book and whatever comes after that!